Welcome to Lees’ Homepage

Introducing our family; from left side, our six year old son Jedidiah, fifteen month old baby boy Josiah, two boys’ mother Angela and Adam myself.

My beloved wife Angela and I myself, our family lives have been dedicated to the Lord Jesus.

We have been serving the Lord even before our marriages in many different ways very long time.

Angela and I have been married about sixteen years.  We both grew up and have influenced in churches and missions almost all through our own lives.

And we have been volunteering at YWAM-AIIM, PNEUMA SPRINGS as  missionary over eight years. Continuing our journey building up the heavenly Kingdom by serving the Lord Jesus with the community team members at YWAM-AIIM, PNEUMA SPRINGS.

In no matter what circumstances we are in, we believe that our family’s ultimate goal and the purpose is to building up the Heavenly Kingdom on this earth by serving the Lord Jesus and to give all the glory to Jesus our Savior.

Angela and I have such a desire to live the life the way Jesus lived many many years ago on this earth.  ….